Welcome To Wear Scriptures

Wear Scriptures is a new Christian clothing brand whose mission is to create designs for clothing and accessories that encourages Christians to be a voice for the gospel. These designs evoke individuals to think about their true spiritual condition and to begin to search and seek out for themselves the truth of God’s Word and the Truth Himself, Jesus Christ.

Wear Scriptures Podcast

New Clothing Brand Proclaims Life in Jesus

Prophetic evangelist Dionne Cameron was once a Jehovah's Witness. Today she stands for the gospel truth as found in Jesus with her new Christian clothing company, Wear Scriptures. Listen to learn more about her powerful testimony and faith-based apparel in this episode with host Chris Johnson.

About Dionne

Dionne Cameron is a Prophetic Evangelist. She is committed to evangelizing the lost and seeing souls saved and ushered into the Kingdom of God. Dionne lives in Florida with her family.