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At Wear Scriptures, we proclaim life in Jesus with spiritual messages on clothing. We specialize in Bible verses clothing to spread the message among kids and young adults. With a wide variety of choices, we manufacture and sell shirts in a range of attractive colors and designs to appeal to people of all ages.

Ways to profess Christian faith through outfit

Christian faith propagates the use of modest clothing, making T-shirts one of the most appropriate clothing choices. If you are trying to embrace Christianity into different aspects of everyday living, wearing apparel with Christian one-liners and verses from the Bible may be the best way to do so.

You may also choose to improvise your style by wearing Christian accessories. This can include a cap or hat in a cool color-shade with a verse from the Bible on it. Women can wear necklaces with cross or pendants with Jesus engravings. Another cool accessory is to wear a bracelet with a Christian one-liner. We also sell face masks with impactful Christian one-liners at our online store.

Where can I wear the Bible versus clothing?

One of the best things about Christian clothing is that they are casual and offer endless possibilities. You don't really need an occasion or place to wear it to, they are versatile and blend perfectly for multiple events and occasions. You can wear it for a night out with your friends or to the movies, fun parties, game nights, etc.

Our range of Christian clothing is casual and multi-purposeful that you can wear it both on warm summer days as well as cold winters under a sweater or jacket. You may also wear it to church outreach events and activities, volunteer programs, school camps, bible camps, Girl Scout Camps, to the fair, and the list goes on.

Our range of clothes with bible verses

We are a leading online clothing brand with a large variety of shirts, t-shirts, and kids' apparel. Some of the Christian clothing that we sell include:

  • Hoodie – We have a large variety of cotton and polyester hoodies to keep you airier in the summers and warmer in the winter. With knit cuffs, front pockets, pouch pockets, and sturdy drawstrings, we sell hoodies in a wide variety of colors to appeal to young adults, men, and women alike.
  • Cotton tee – We manufacture and sell cotton tees in solid colors that go well with washed jeans or any pair of trousers. Our cotton tees are easily affordable with no compromise on the quality of the fabric, design, style, or stitching.
  • Sweatshirts – We sell a broad range of sweatshirts using materials like wool, cashmere, and cotton. Even after multiple cycles of wash, our range of sweatshirts does not fade or lose their shape. From XS to XXXL, we have a large variety of sweaters for men and women in different colors and designs.

Do you want to buy shirts with bible verses? At Wear Scriptures, we manufacture and sell first-class quality Bible verses clothing. We make our clothes using the highest quality fabrics that are affordable, comfortable, and long-lasting. Visit our online store today to enjoy 5% off your purchase.