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A Christian store is a great place to shop because you know you can find something appropriate and comfortable for everyone you care about. A good store offers variety at reasonable prices. When buying clothes for your family and friends, consider visiting a Christian store that provides a wide range.

At Wear Scriptures, we are one of the premier Christian clothing brands in the country and work towards bringing you the best casual wear for people of all ages. We stock t-shirts, baby clothes, hoodies, and sweatshirts. Our team understands that you can look good and still preach the gospel.

Clothing for the Entire Family

Here are a variety of fashion items in our online store:

  • Kids Apparel

From $12.99

We stock a variety of t-shirts for kids of all ages. The t-shirts are made using soft, lightweight cotton, so they are quite comfortable. If you are looking for Christian t-shirts for your kids, we’ve got you covered. Our t-shirts come in different colors, including pink, white, green, red, and many others. That way, your little ones can pick their favorite.

  • Men's Apparel


We believe that the entire family should be able to proclaim their faith through the Christian clothing they wear. We stock, polo-shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies for men. They are made using soft cotton or tri-blend fabric and are very comfortable to wear. If you shop Christian t shirts online, our ‘King is Coming’ hoodies and t-shirts make the rest of your outfit pop, so ensure you get one or two.

  • Baby Apparel

From $12.99

Buy fantastic baby clothes from our online store. We stock long and short-sleeved Christian tee shirts, bodysuits, and rip and snap tees for your baby. Our baby clothes are made with soft cotton to ensure they don't irritate your little one’s skin. All our baby clothes come in a wide variety of colors and prints you can choose from.

  • Women's Apparel

From $13.99

We sell Christian shirts for women ranging from long and short sleeves to sweatshirts, tank tops, and hoodies. If you’re looking to buy Christian apparel for women, you’ll be delighted to know that we stock a wide variety for all seasons to guarantee you find the perfect fit. We also have different sizes and a plus-size collection that allows everyone can shop with us. Be sure to check out our ‘Choose life’ and ‘Jesus Died for You’ t-shirts; they’re quite popular and simply amazing.

  • Youth Apparel

From $10.99

Young adults can look and feel cool and still spread the message of the risen Christ. We have Christian apparel collections in a variety of eye-catching designs that look good and are guaranteed to make you stand out. We stock hoodies, t-shirts, and sweatshirts for the youthful Christian.

Stand Out for Jesus Today

At Wear Scriptures, we’re one of the highly-rated Christian clothing brands in the country. Our team understands you should look fashionable while still bringing God's word to the world. That is why we create amazing clothes that will have you look and feel blessed. Visit our online store to buy fashionable items or call our support team on 1(800)395-6069.